Gourmet Gift Baskets

The finest gourmet treats...
for their snacking pleasure
"Grand Gourmet"
Grand Gourmet Gift Basket - nuts, pretzels and chocolate
Grand Gourmet Gift Basket

A glossy hunter green basket is filled with a wonderful assortment of gourmet products. From cashew nuts to pretzels and white chocolate, we've included a nice assortment of gourmet products.

$100 as shown
Available at $50, $75 and $125
Order #GM56
Price $100.00

"Understated Elegance"
Cookies, coffee and chocolate filled gift basket.
Understated Elegance
Gift Basket

Traditional magnolias adorn this beautiful burgundy wicker basket. Filled with wine biscuits, Bon Appetite snack mix, biscotti, chocolate covered pecans, coffees and more, this gift is sure to please even the most discriminating gourmet!

$100 as shown
Also available at $50, $75 and $125
Order #GM53
Price $100.00

"Pastel Bouquet"
Gift Basket filled with gourmet cookies, popcorn and chocolate
Pastel Bouquet Gift Basket

A white wicker basket holds a wonderful assortment of gourmet products - scrumptious shortbread cookies, popcorn, mints, lime candy chocolate mint cookies, cashews and more. Trimmed to perfection with beautiful silk flowers, it's sure to be a hit!
$75 as shown
Available at $50, $75 and $100
Order #GM24
Price $75.00

"Southern Gentleman"
Sweet and Savory gift basket
Southern Gentleman
Gift Basket

We've chosen a stained, masculine looking basket for the container, and filled it with a wonderful assortment of nuts, popcorn and cookies. Accented with burgundy flowers and greenery that pick up the colors in the basket, it's a tailored look that any gentleman would love to receive.

$75 as shown
Also available at $45
Order #GM51
Price $75.00

"Market Basket"
Market Basket filled with savory snacks.
Market Basket

Hand dyed burgundy and hunter green reed trim this walnut stained market basket. It's a real "keeper", filled with a great assortment of gourmet products, like Bon Appetite snack mix, wine biscuits, scrumptious roasted peanuts, biscotti & more!
$75 as shown
Available at $50, $75 and $125
Order #GM58
Price $75.00

"Black Jewel"
Gourmet snacks gift basket.
Black Jewel Gift Basket

This colorful design is a real beauty! Raspberry Tarts, Popcorn, shortbread cookies, mints, macadamia nuts, a chocolate sand dollar and lots more are stuffed into a shimmering black basket and trimmed with hot pink zinnias and beautiful ribbon! Guaranteed to bring rave reviews!

$100 as shown
Available at $50, $75 and $125
Order #GM28
Price $100.00

"Snack Basket"
Snack Basket
Snack Basket

A walnut stained basket is filled with all kinds of snacky gourmet treats! Wine biscuits, seasoned pretzels, cocoa, almonds tea and more make this a perfect little basket full of munchies.

$45 as shown
Also, available at $35, $55 and $65 
Order #GM25
Price $45.00

"That's Italian!"
Italian delights gift basket.
That's Italian Gift Basket

This peeled willow basket holds a complete meal! Filled with cashews, assorted pastas, biscotti, bread sticks, pasta sauce, dip mix and traditional red sauce, it's a perfect gift for a new move in.

$65 as shown
Order #GM27
Price $65.00

"The Gourmet Assortment"
Assorted gourmet gift basket
The Gourmet Assortment

A bleached willow basket holds a nice assortment of cookies, coffee and mints. Beautifully enhanced with spring-time flowers and ribbon, it's a gift any lady would appreciate!

$55 as shown
Available from $45 - $75
Order #GM57
Price $55.00

"Bon Appetite!"
Gourmet gift box
Bon Appetite Gift Box

This beautiful tote is bursting with a wonderful assortment of our finest gourmet products! From savory wine biscuits to chocolate truffles and cashews, it's just loaded with mouth-watering treats sure to please!

$75 as shown
Available from $75 - $100

Special Order Only

Order #GM54
"Wine Country"